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We use cookies so that you can make the best possible use of our website. Cookies are small files that are necessary for website navigation and that your browser temporarily stores on your hard drive. Our cookies contain no personal information and cannot be used to identify individual users. Cookies often contain a randomly generated anonymous identifier that is stored on your computer. Some of these identifiers are deleted at the end of the website session, others remain on your computer longer.

Types of cookies

First-party cookies

First-party cookies are cookies that are placed by the website you are visiting and can only be read by this website.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are those that are placed by other organizations that we use for various services. We use e.g. B. external analysis service providers who set cookies on our behalf to let us know what we like and what we don't like about our website. In addition, the website you are visiting may contain embedded content e.g. B. from Youtube, which in turn can set their own cookies.

Why should I consent to cookies?

The information contained in cookies is used to help you e.g. B. To provide improved service as follows:

  • They enable a service to recognize your device so that you can e.g. B. when filling out web forms or surveys, you don’t have to repeatedly enter the same data.
  • They support the "My content" function.
  • They enable the proper functioning of video players.
  • They measure how many people use services and make it easier to use them and ensure that enough capacity is available for quick execution. They analyze anonymized data so that we understand how users interact with the various aspects of our online services so that we can improve these services.

What happens if I don't agree?

If you do not consent to cookies, certain functions on this website may not be displayed or executed correctly. This can limit your use of this website and adversely affect its appearance and user experience.

This can e.g. B. Affect:

  • The use of the "My content" function.
  • The possibility of a personalized website experience.
  • Playing videos.
  • The possibility to mark content with "like" and share it on social networks.
  • The display of embedded content.

Cookies placed by this website

Cookie rules

The "CookiesAccepted" cookie

This cookie is used to save the user's decision regarding the placement of cookies by this website. When you visit the website, the cookie is set to the value "True" by default. If users decide to delete insignificant cookies, the cookie value is changed to "False".

My content

"MyContent" cookie

The "myContent" cookie stores the numerical ID of a user when collecting content or receiving content collected for him via the "My Content" function. If a user refuses to save cookies, the "My content" functionality cannot be used. When you call up the "My content" area, the ID is transferred to the server and evaluated. No further information is collected.


Several cookies are required to store anonymous information about the user. This information is required in order to provide content that matches the respective user profile.

"Henkel-EGILTaxonomies" Cookie

This cookie stores information about the topics of the pages that a user has visited. The topic name and a calculated factor are saved and evaluated when a page is called up.

"CmReferrer" cookie

This cookie stores information about the origin of the user or his visit. This information can be used to show this user content that fits his profile.

"CmKeyword" cookie

If a user accesses the Henkel website via search engines, the search engine can transmit the search words that have led the user to the Henkel website. This information can be evaluated in order to display suitable content for the user.

Website statistics

"WebtrekkOptOut" Cookie

This cookie is set if users object to the data storage of their visitor data. ( Data Protection Declaration )