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Immerse yourself in the history of WAW

WAW: Birth of the WAW laundry effect

WAW multi-purpose was introduced by Expand Global Industries Limited in 2011. it was the first detergent in Nigeria to come in a unique black packaging formulated for washing clothes and general household use. It was first launched in a 25g sachet.
Riding on the success of WAW in 25g sachet in 2011, 2012 marked another successful year as the brand grew and was expanded into different and bigger sizes of 200g and 900g.
In June 2018, WAW was re-launched with an updated fresh black packaging. Over the years, WAW has grown to be a trusted household brand and in promise of amazing clean you can trust.

In December 2019 WAW launched a new variant, WAW Colour which was the first detergent in Nigeria for coloured fabric. WAW Colour is the same quality detergent consumers have always trusted. The difference is, it contains added Dye Transfer Inhibitor(DTI) technology and real soap flakes which prevents your Ankara and coloured clothes from fading and running. It’s a laundry detergent that protects colours and preserves fabrics at a friendly price.