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Thanks for your valued interest in our company we really appreciate the same. Please send us your contact details to the mail id "" or contact us through our helpline number"(+234) 8140140014" and our sales team will get in touch with you on an imemdiate basis.

WAW detergent is specially formulated to care for your clothes and can be used on all types of fabrics. Can you also tell us which fabric you plan to use so that we can help in washing process also …? Write to us at

The list is long and the space is less :) from the cutting edge German formulation that is specially formulated to take care of all kinds of stains across all fabric, to the great fragrance, to the formulation being environmentally sustainable every ingredient used in Waw is water soluble so no more paying for dirt at the end of the bucket which you see in other detergents , to washing more with less powder usage ....the list goes on....

yes! WAW detergent has a variant called WAW colour formulated especially for your colored fabrics as it cares for colored fabric. the WAW colour contains dye transfer inhibitor technology which prevents color runs, thereby preserving and protecting your fabric while giving your clothes long lasting freshness.

Because WAW cares for your pocket with WAW detergent you can do even more laundry with less detergent. WAW! washes a lot, saves a lot!

We follow the strictest quality standards and this should not be the case at all… Please give us your contact details by writing to "" and we would immediately like to collect the samples. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback ....we value the same.

WAW detergent and bar soap can be used for other cleanings such as washing plates, toilets sinks, floors etc, as it is multi-purpose specially formulated with sodium sulfate capable of removing tough stains and optical brightner to make your plates, toilet sinks and floors shine as new.

Yes, you can use WAW detergent in your washing machine. However, we recommend using WAW detergent in top loader washing machines. Which machine are you using ?

For more questions on WAW please contact our free Customer information (234) 8140140014 or write to us on Our Colleagues help you with further assistance. Best regards from Lagos.